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Why choose financial health fcu

OUR MISSION: To enable members to achieve financial health through the services we offer; the information and advice we give; and the convenience and value we provide. 

OUR CULTURE STATEMENT: At FHFCU we believe in going Above & Beyond to provide a Diverse and Unique way of Empowering our Members. Through Hard Work, Loyalty, and Realistic opportunities, we help our members achieve financial freedom!

We help you save money

Financial Health FCU is a member-owned, nonprofit cooperative. For members, that means banking at the credit union saves money. Fees are lower; rates on loans are lower; rates on share accounts are higher. The result is that you pay less and earn more.

We help our members

Many of our members have modest incomes and some blemishes in their credit histories. Many banks and even some credit unions discourage people from becoming customers or members and frequently deny reasonable requests for credit. We specialize in helping members get the money they need, at extremely competitive rates.

We're convenient

The credit union offers members free home banking and a free online bill payment service. We are also a member of the Alliance One ATM network, providing more than 100 free ATMs in central Indiana and we are a participant in the Credit Union Center network with more than 40 branches in central Indiana.

We help others

All banks and credit unions have one thing in common: they use the deposit balances of customers to make loans. At FHFCU, we make loans to you and to other people like you. Help your fellow members by providing the funds necessary for the credit union to make credit available to those who need it but may be denied access to credit elsewhere.