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Financial Health FCU's mission is to enable our Indianapolis members to achieve financial health. Saving for your retirement is one of the best ways to ensure your future financial stability. Unfortunately, social security will not be enough to live on, so use the tools below to find out how much should you be saving for retirement and to create your retirement savings plan. As part of your plan, you should also consider an Individual Retirement Account (IRA).

  • Retirement Planning Quiz – Have some fun with this little quiz which is designed to highlight some of the retirement planning issues all of us should be thinking about.

  • Retirement Fund Estimator – Recent surveys found that more than one-third of working adults have saved nothing for retirement. Many people believe social security will not be enough to cover all of their retirement needs. This tool allows you to calculate how much of a retirement nest egg you may need and how much you should be saving now to achieve that goal.

  • Power of Compounding – It is truly amazing how effective even a small savings program can be if it is continued over time. This tool shows how much you can accumulate in savings by making weekly deposits and leaving it to earn interest.

  • Assessment Tool - This is a good place to begin in your quest to become more financially healthy. This assessment is simple to complete and you can score it yourself. Once you have done so, it will provide you with comments and information to help you understand which of the range of financial health topics you should be focusing on.

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