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Debit Cards and ATM Cards

Debit Cards & ATM Cards

The Financial Health Federal Credit Union Visa® is both a Debit and ATM card. With the Visa logo, this card is welcome everywhere that Visa is accepted. It deducts directly from your checking account. If you just want access to cash we offer an ATM Card as well. The ATM Card deducts directly from your savings account. It is a great option for minors. 

Benefits of a Debit Card and ATM Card:

  • ATM access to cash or make a deposit 24/7/365
    • Conveniently located ATMs
    • As well as more than 100 free ATMs in central Indiana through the Alliance One ATM Network
  • Tap-to-Pay is in production
  • Easy Saver Round Up

Just want access to cash? We offer an ATM card as well.

  • Cash withdrawals and deposits, with no fees, at our ATMs and Network ATMs
  • Deducts directly from your savings account
  • Good for minors

For lost or stolen DEBIT/ATM cards, or to report suspicious card activity call 855-808-8318
Our Debit cards have been blocked for purchases out of the country and car rentals. Contact the credit union if you plan to travel abroad or rent a car. 317.559.7272

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