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Credit Cards (Visa)

VISA Classic & VISA Platinum Credit Cards

A Share Draft account represents the foundation of a relationship with the credit union. It is the platform into which paychecks are deposited through direct deposit and is the mechanism through which the vast majority of purchases are made and bills are paid. It is difficult to imagine anyone getting through life in the 21st century without a Share Draft account. Here are some of the important features of the account:

Credit limits are based on income and repayment ability. Financial Health Federal Credit Union (FHFCU) recently migrated over to PSCU for VISA credit card servicing. Representing more than 800 credit unions, PSCU is the nation’s leading Credit Union Service Organization (CUSO).  Other benefits include:

If you'd like, a Financial Health FCU certified finnacial counselor can assist you in developing a credit improvement plan.

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