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Financial Health Tools

As part of our mission, FHFCU wants to enable members to achieve financial health through counseling and the information we provide. We have developed sixteen different financial health tools to address a range of financial issues members encounter on a daily basis. These tools address budgeting, credit, savings, emergency savings, and retirement savings, among other topics. Please call one of our certified financial counselors at 317-559-7272 to discuss any of these tools and the steps you can take to achieve your goals.

Budgeting Tools

Track your spending, then create your personalized spending plan.

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Savings Tools

Find out how much should you be saving and create a savings plan.

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Retirement Tools

Find out how much you should be saving for your retirement.

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Credit Tools

Improve your credit score by using these tools. 

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All Tools

Free tools to assist you in building a healthy financial life. 

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