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New & Used Car Loans

A Share Draft account represents the foundation of a relationship with the credit union. It is the platform into which paychecks are deposited through direct deposit and is the mechanism through which the vast majority of purchases are made and bills are paid. It is difficult to imagine anyone getting through life in the 21st century without a Share Draft account. Here are some of the important features of the account:

Financial Health Federal Credit Union has been helping Indianapolis citizens with affordable auto loans and financing for years. By getting involved early in the process, you will know how much to spend, what payment fits your budget, what your trade-in automobile is worth, and how much you should pay for the vehicle you are buying. Get your loan pre-approved by the credit union first, we will help get you a better deal and save you money on your next car, whether it is new or used. 

If you have a vehicle loan elsewhere, we are happy to refinance your loan at the credit union. This frequently reduces the rate, the payment, the term, and saves you money.

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We do personal loans, new/used car loans, home equity, and credit cards

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